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Ethics for participants

What do we expect from you?
We ask you to share your experiences and expertise as much as possible on the initiative of interest to our study. We are trying to get as complete a picture as possible of the current integration and recognition of initiatives like the one you are involved in into existing legal frameworks, land policies and spatial development planning provisions. We would also like you to help us identify legal obstacles or facilitators that you encounter from the point of view of the organization that you represent. The information and material that you share during this process can be used for scientific purposes related to this research (e.g. study and publication of articles, reports, PhD thesis, books). Please always communicate any confidentiality concerning data that you share with the researchers. In turn, the researchers will always ask for your permission, if they wish to record an interview or a discussion (see Informed Consent). 

What can you expect from your participation?
We hope that your participation in this research will prove valuable for you and the organization/initiative you represent. First of all, by participating, you will have the opportunity to influence the development of specific research questions and contents, in a way that the DOMINIA research results will prove useful for you to share among your network. In addition, as a participant, you will have the opportunity to share experiences, reflections and concerns with various researchers, academics, law and planning practitioners, representatives from local authorities, as well as research participants like you in other EU countries, in the context of planned meetings, discussion groups and workshops. We hope that the exchange and co-creation of knowledge will help you expand your networks for future synergies and give you access to new information and resources that may strengthen the activity of your organization. 

Can you withdraw from the research?
Your participation in this research programme is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate, you will be asked to confirm your participation by signing the consent form. If you refuse to participate, or if you prefer to stop your participation at any time, you can do so without giving a reason, and this will in no way have negative consequences for you. 

What data do we collect during the research and why? 
First, your contact details will allow us to contact you in the future for follow-ups and invitations related to research activities, only in case you consent. This information will not be processed neither will be published or shared with others. Second, some basic contextual personal data (eg. your role and position in the organization/institution/initiative you represent) will help us situate you with respect to the topic of the research. This information will  be published or shared only if you consent. All research data including your personal data will be stored in a KU Leuven server in password-protected folders for a minimum of 5 years after the end of the research programme, following the funding institution requirements. 

How do we ensure confidentiality? 
If you are willing to participate in DOMINIA, you will be asked to consent and to define if and how you want your name to appear in publications and research results reports (with or without pseudonymization). Pseudonymization techniques are used upon your request. This means that researchers will refer to you only if you so wish and in ways that do not allow your identification. 

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